Best Paintball Guns Guide for Beginners (2023)

  1. Finding the right paintball gun seems simple in theory. You grab a gun that looks appealing, yet affordable and then away you go with it out onto the field. If only buying your first paintball gun was that simple. Here are a list of some tips to help you get started.

Paintball Black Gun

1. Start with a very basic gun.

You need to keep things simple when you start. Use a gun that shoots around 13bps. (balls per seconded)


2. Choose a gun that suits your style of play.

This is a major mistake made by beginners. Once you get a feel for the style of game you play you will be able to buy a more suitable gun.

3. Rent Equipment if you’re a first-time player.

For the first few times you play you should rent your gun and other equipment. As a beginner you don’t know if you will even like the game. This will allow you to save some money and learn about the game.

4. Buy a cheap gun.

As a first time player you don’t need a high end gun the cost $800 or even more. You shouldn’t have to spend much more then $250. As your skills improve you gun a better gun that suits your needs.

best paintball gun 2023

5. Choose a style of play

It is essential for you to decide what type of a player you want to be. Do you want to be aggressive? Would you rather be laid back? Is a sniper more your style of play. Once you figure out what type of a player you want to be then you will be able to choose the perfect gun.

As a beginner this are just some general guidelines that you should follow. Just keep in mind that starting with a basic gun will make the game more enjoyable. Once you get better you will be able to buy a much better gun that suits you.